The Importance Of Disaster Management Recovery During An Emergency

Sun 02 October 2016

Disaster recovery Management is an area which has to be given utmost importance. Many companies like True North ITG Inc Disaster recovery, nowadays have a completely organized Disaster management team. They study all aspects involved and prepare detailed reports.

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Assessment of Risk

You need to conduct a complete assessment of all risk factors. All the high-value data has to be prioritized and stored in the cloud. This will help to recover the data from any other location if needed.

There should be a stock register of the company's physical assets. Your high-risk data should be properly encrypted for data protection. This will help to secure your sensitive data and prevent fraud. The encryption keys should not be accessible to all.

A qualified person should be responsible for ensuring critical applications are virtualised so that the employees can work from other locations too and the productivity of the team is maintained. Laptops and other electronic devices should also be considered while planning for disaster recovery.

Cross checking Insurance plans

Make sure your building and physical assets within have insurance coverage. Discuss in detail the claim details with your insurance provider. If your business is in the initial setting up phase, make sure you take the insurance cover at the beginning itself as there will be a minimum waiting period for the cover to come into effect.

Communication strategy

You need to derive a perfect communication strategy within the company in case of a disaster breakout. The teams responsible for disaster recovery should start functioning within seconds in case of emergencies even with minimum communication. The entire building may have to be evacuated while protecting essential assets and valuable databases. So having to wait for orders and directions at that time is not going to help. The teams should know how to act and what to do with minimum instructions.

Emergency Kits

It is wise to fix up emergency kits beforehand. The kit should contain essentials like water bottles, fire extinguishers, torch lights, non-perishable food, battery chargers, medical supplies, and pen knives.

Database backup

Critical programs, important company records, client database, employee records and many more important files have to be thoroughly examined by an expert team and they should decide how to create a backup for each one of these. Hard copies can be stored securely at an off-site location as a further precaution. Using the cloud to backup software and databases will help to assist in the speedy restoration of business activities.

Snapshots of required data can be emailed earlier to reliable sources so that you can access them later in time of need. You need to continue Business as Usual as soon as possible in case of a disaster. You need to determine an acceptable recovery time and plan accordingly.

Whatever your disaster recovery plan is, it is always advisable to test it before a real disaster occurs.

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